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TheCruu – Rewind Weekly #Ferguson

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As the country waits for the announcement of the grand jury decision – expected later today – here are some tweets about this important case, from TheCruu members:
Protesters outside expressed their anger in protest, President Obama made a short statement … and TheCruu found visual media professionals, who took to Twitter with their reactions:

Film executive, Franklin Leonard, comes right out with it

Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce thinks there should have been a trial

Producer and film critic, Scott Weinberg, agrees.

Writer/Creator Lena Waithe delivers a simple and iconic phrase of protest

Writer/Director Jonathan Lisecki mocked some of the CNN media reporting.

Blogger/Video Guru, Adam McGinnis notes some irony in the messaging

WDC based sound engineer, Briana Younger, has a message for the president.

Writer, Alex Halpern, talks about the need for change.

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