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    Those Balls Are Perfect: Deflate-gate “Songified”

    Follow TheCruu!by Tom Brady’s press conference over “deflate-gate” has been edited, and made into a song. The press conference video has been augmented with added hand gestures, and the song is actually pretty good! The internet is crazy. The Youtuber behind this video is Schmoyoho, owned by The Gregory Brothers: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan.  Their youtube […] More

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    Bobby Shmurda x Camp Lo Mashup

    Follow TheCruu!by Whoa. The artists, and the two songs are decades apart, but this mash-up makes the two work perfectly together … ridiculous. The Youtuber responsible for this seamless mix is Nappy DJ Needles, and he gives the video all the introduction that it needs: “Here’s what happened when I blended the verses of Camp […] More

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    Super Bowl 2015 Ad: Marsha, Marsha, Trejo!

    Follow TheCruu!by In Snickers’ latest addition of the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” thread, a hungry Marsha Brady morphs into Danny Trejo in a very special episode of the Brady Bunch. She has just been hit in the face with a football by her brother Peter, and cannot leave the house with a Band-Aid […] More

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    Super Bowl 2015 Ad: NO MORE

    Follow TheCruu!by This Superbowl ad addresses domestic violence and sexual assault. The PSA is as creative and chilling, as it is important. The NFL funded the entire production, and their ad agency, Grey, created the powerful message pro bono. It’s especially meaningful in a year where the National Football League dealt with Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice […] More

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    Nobody Tells This To Beginners

    Follow TheCruu!by Those of us, creative professionals, beginners, craftspeople and apprentices, all know that the beginning stages of ANY endeavor are challenging and frustrating. Ira Glass’ quote offers an amazing perspective on why that is, and what we must do next. The original speech and quote can be found here, said by Ira Glass. The […] More

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    Marshawn Lynch Speaks!

    Follow TheCruu!by Marshawn Lynch is a beast of a running back for the defending NFL champion Seattle Seahawks. … oh and he loves Skittles. What the football superstar doesn’t like is the press/media … and he’s become known for his unwillingness to fully participate in required NFL “Media Day” festivities. While some – particularly in the […] More

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    Super Bowl 2015 Ad: Kim’s Data Stash

    Follow TheCruu!by Cell users have been in recent frenzies over the changes in certain service plans.  Unused data, that consumers pay for each month, is lost for all eternity.  Seems unfair, so who better than the Selfie Queen herself to take a stand? Kim K has a message for you America: Save your data! T-Mobile’s […] More

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    Matt Damon Reads Howard Zinn – Civil Disobedience

    Follow TheCruu!by Howard Zinn is the late author/activist/historian/professor/playwright that helped a generation re-examine U.S. history, from new perspectives with his best-selling, epic history book “A People’s History of the United States“. He was an active advocate for Civil Rights as a professor in Spellman college and is probably most noted for his unwavering advocacy of […] More

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    Devin Supertramp – Biggest FAILS!

    Follow TheCruu!by You might know Devin Supertramp, the Youtuber with almost 3 million subscribers and well over 30 million monthly views. He uses a solid formula – high energy music with adventurous trekks and risky, creative stunts.  What’s more, he captures it all with insanely beautiful HD camera shots and exhilarating GoPro First-person Point-of-View. In the […] More

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    Super Bowl 2015 Ad: Up For Whatever Happens Next?

    Follow TheCruu!by If I give you a Bud Light, are you up for whatever happens next? One guy was more than ready, and even more excited to have that beer! Bud Light and Energy BBDO teamed up to create an epic experience of life size PAC-MAN.  What seems to be hidden cameras captured the man’s […] More

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    Super Bowl 2015 Ad: Old Spice | Nightmare Face

    Follow TheCruu!by In this TV spot, Terry Crews pops out of a sewer to shave a beard off of a stranger, but it’s actually him! Thankfully, it was only a dream … until he wakes up next to himself! So, naturally, Terry resorts to shaving himself out of existence. A weird and natural extension of […] More

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    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Behind The Scenes Trivia

    Follow TheCruu!by Creator Andy Borowitz could not have known that he’d hit the jack pot with the funny family of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Young Will Smith was just taking off, and the show would eventually turn Carlton, Jazz, and Hilary’s antics into household jokes and cultural references still shared today. You may know all the correct […] More

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