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You might know Devin Supertramp, the Youtuber with almost 3 million subscribers and well over 30 million monthly views.

He uses a solid formula – high energy music with adventurous trekks and risky, creative stunts.  What’s more, he captures it all with insanely beautiful HD camera shots and exhilarating GoPro First-person Point-of-View.

In the market of staging, executing and filming beautiful stunts … it’s basically Devin and the energy drink company, Red Bull.  The only difference is that Devin is a home-made star, with friends, some cameras, lots of planning and some amazing ideas.

Conservative estimates say that Supertramp rakes in about $250,000 on Google Adsense revenue alone … that’s without some of his major brand partnerships with Speed Stick, Mountain Dew and Ford.

But it’s not all dollar signs and roses …

Devin just released a pretty brutal compilation of his worst spills, and fails … for you to enjoy, above.


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