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All eyes were on Paris, France yesterday, where a shooting took place at French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” (Charlie Weekly).  There were conflicting reports related to the status of the suspected murderers, but it has been confirmed that at least 12 people were killed at the magazine HQ, including two police officers.

Charlie Hebdo is well known for courting controversy with satirical attacks on political and religious leaders of all faiths and has published numerous cartoons ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad. While facts and motive are still unclear, many believe that the tragic murders were an effort, by violent Muslim extremists, to silence the satirical magazine. found reactions on social media:

Cartoonist, David Pope, highlights the absurdity of the Paris tragedy

Filmmaker, Vincent Laforet, reminds us of the importance of freedom of expression

Filmmaker, Michael Moore, agrees

Writer, Velvet Russell, lets us know that the world is watching

Tribeca Film Institute Director, Ingrid Kopp, adds that the world is also defiant

Cartoonist/Illustrator, James Walmesley, depicts just how the pencil is mightier than the gun.

Motion Graphics Artist, Matthieu Colombel, keeps it simple
“I am Charlie”

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