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    Brain Games “Emotion”

    Follow TheCruu!by The first thirty seconds of this video is the Season 4 promo for “Brain Games“, the award winning National Geographic television show. Honestly, one of the few things I’ll watch on TV (other than football and Celebrity Apprentice) The team behind this award-winning, interactive, education programming wanted to find a new and arresting […] More

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    Director Joseph Kahn is Pissed They Removed His Power Rangers Movie.

    Follow TheCruu!by I'm on reddit AMA tomorrow 2PM PST talking POWER/RANGERS, copyright, fair use, censorship, freedom of speech, and Britney Spear's chair. — Joseph Kahn (@JosephKahn) February 27, 2015 Director Joseph Kahn made an amazing R-Rated, fan film adaption of the Power Rangers, and for the few hundred thousand that got to see it … it […] More

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    Reffe Loves Pain!

    Follow TheCruu!by Check out this teaser for the upcoming short film, “Reffe”. “REFFE”, (Pronounced Heh-Fay) is a passion project, co-produced by Steven Mercado, Fabian Tejada and Ian Fay. This teaser does just as intended … wetting the palette for the full action martial arts short, COMING SOON! Fabian Tejada is a professional Animator & Technical Director, who’s worked […] More

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    Is Your Creative Director a Douchebag?

    Follow TheCruu!by Is your Creative Director a douchebag? You’re gonna want to present something stronger than just mere personal opinion … Why not prove it, by taking this ingenious little quiz, at creativedirectordouchebagdetectordevice.com Variables range from “age” to “previous job title” to “accessories” to where they store their awards … and after all inputs have […] More

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    Where Brooklyn At?

    Follow TheCruu!by Erika Bernetich is a freelance Motion Graphics Artist and she’s the creative engine behind this dope 24 second short “Where Brooklyn At?” (video above). Contrasting pink, floral patterns, and abstract female silhouettes dancing to Biggie’s iconic “Where Brooklyn At?!” call and response. As a Brooklyn youth myself, I’m definitely feelin’ this, well done, animated […] More

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    Who REALLY Deserves to Get Academy Awards in 2015?

    Follow TheCruu!by Kevin B. Lee rounds out his Fandor video essay series: “Video Evidence: Who Deserves to Win the 2015 Oscars?” In this series, he offers an interesting perspective on several movies from the last year … Selma, Birdman, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Theory of Everything, American Sniper, Boyhood, Whiplash, and more …’ The video […] More

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    Whoa! This Power Rangers Reboot is Dark!

    Follow TheCruu!by James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff star in this R-rated, Power Rangers short film. A dark, NSFW post-apocalyptic future … shows what happened to the Rangers after the colorful, kiddy martial arts show was over. Created just for shits and grins, Director Joseph Kahn (Detention, ToqueKahn) did an amazing job with what […] More

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    “Every Scene is a Lesson. Every Shot is a School.”

    Follow TheCruu!by Apple hit a winner in their recent advertisement, which aired during last night’s Oscars. It featured a voiceover from film legend Martin Scorsese, about the art of filmmaking, together with footage of students at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts making films … using the iPad. Apparently the ad itself was […] More

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    A Short Film About a Girl with a Butthole on Her Face

    Follow TheCruu!by 23 year old Spanish director, Eduardo Casanova, has created a viral, enigmatic short film … about a young girl with a butthole where her mouth should be. It all starts when Instagram rejects Samantha’s selfie for its “sexual content”, though she only posted a pic of her face … complete with her it’s […] More

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    Kirk Cameron Wins Multiple Razzies

    Follow TheCruu!by The Razzie Awards is the anti-Oscars awards show, saluting the worst that Hollywood has to offer each year. Kirk Cameron – the “Growing Pains” child star that has actually grown into a painful religious evangelist – almost swept the Razzies this year with his painful film release “Saving Christmas”. Cameron won worst screenplay, […] More

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    Civil Rights Groups to Protest Oscars’ Lack of Diversity

    Follow TheCruu!by Civil rights groups are calling for a boycott of Sunday’s Oscars ceremony in Los Angeles to demand more diversity among Academy Awards voters after no actors from ethnic minority groups earned nominations this year, organizers said on Friday. “We are calling for a boycott of Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony,” National Action Network political […] More

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