Creating Movie Effects on a TV Schedule

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As Marvel continues to expand it’s universe from hit big-screen films, to television series … it gets familiar help from award winning VFX house Industrial Light & Magic (ILM).

The biggest challenge for the creatives at ILM? Creating the amazing effects we’ve come to expect, but on a grueling weekly TV schedule.
From set extensions & green screens to super-powered explosions, Effects Supervisor Sheena Duggal crafts a tight schedule and team work to deliver in this series.

It’s worth noting that in a film production world populated almost entirely by men, and a vfx world that’s even more lacking in gender parity:

“It’s also great to see women such as Sheena in such a senior visual effects leadership role, today”

The video above – produced by WIRED – talks about these challenges, and gives a BTS look at how they painstakingly make the effects for Marvel’s Agent Carter.

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Billy Buntin

Written by Billy Buntin

Billy is a visual effects artist based in Washington, DC and the founder of the production house, BB Digital

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