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Every Frame a Painting is an online series of video essays about film.

Filmmaker, Tony Zhou, creates a visual essay and releases them periodically on a particular topic, or philosophy of the filmmaking art.

Tony is pretty candid about his reasons, goals and challenges in producing these essays.

A full time, freelance editor … he compiles and edits these essays in his time off, with an average release schedule of 3 weeks between videos.

Tony uses the unique crowdfunding web platform, Patreon, to get financial support from the viewers that appreciate his content.

The formula has worked beautifully for creator, Zhou, and the tens of thousands who benefit from the content.

The videos have been wildly successful, beyond anything I imagined. The channel has clocked 3 million views and 40,000 subscribers across YouTube and Vimeo. Even though I find this stuff fun and interesting, I had no idea other people cared.

The content isn’t just clever and interesting to watch, it’s actually quite helpful for those of us who make visual content and want tips to improve our storytelling or visual composition.  The clip above “The Geometry of a Scene”, offers some great advice, backed up by none other than Alfred Hitchcock himself.

Other topics so far include:

  • Michael Bay – What is Bayhem?
  • Martin Scorses – The Art of Silence
  • The Spielberg Oner

Check these out on his YouTube Page “Every Frame a Painting


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