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Youtube revolutionized the publication and distribution of video multimedia.

You already knew that.

You also already knew that the online video giant – like it’s parent company Google – is constantly providing new features for its horde of content creators.

While some of these features are fairly useless, a new coming innovation could add new ways of looking at your favorite Youtube content, literally.

YouTubers will soon be able to combine different shots of the same event in one video. The feature is called Choose Your View and it will let viewers seamlessly switch between perspectives while the video is playing.

If you’ve watched National Football League games online, then you might already be familiar with the high tech premise.

Being able to watch “Grumpy Cat” play “Chopsticks” from side and top camera views???

… that’s Gold.

Check out an early demo of the Youtube feature. A FOUR camera view video of music star Madilyn Bailey, performing at the Youtube Music Awards:


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