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360 Degrees Virtual Reality on YouTube

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Google recently announced that Youtubers can upload 360-degree videos on YouTube.

For this special video format, Youtube viewers can watch … and can manipulate their viewing experience by looking around, in realtime.


Think about a traditional horror movie scene.

The lead carefully walks toward her dimly lit kitchen, checking on that noise that got her out of bed.

— Cut to seeing her point-of-view.

She’s focused straight ahead, and doesn’t bother to look rightward … just where sneaky Freddy is hiding, ’bout to slice her ass up.  Smh.

Instead of screaming insults at the on-screen poor victim-to-be, this technology will allow YOU to turn and look as she walks, check the room yourself, a full 360 degrees.

Apart from ruining jump scares in horror films, this feature gives an amazing opportunity to experience concerts, stunts and sports events completely differently.

In the video above, an added interface on allows you to look up, down, left, or right as you view.

So if you’re watching the guy base jumping with a wingsuit, you can watch it straight …

Or you can click left to view the mountain he flies by.

Or maybe look up to watch the sky and the guy who jumped right after.

Or turn upper left … for a view of the mountainous horizon.


YouTube has been working with companies across the industry to make it easy for video creaters to create and upload 360-degree videos. Bublcam and Giroptic 360cam and IC Genuine Tech’s 720-Degree Allie Camera and Kodak SP360 and Ricoh Theta are just a few that are on or coming to market to make it possible to film this kind of thing.

If you’re into learning about the messy deets around how this stuff is possible, you can find more technical info on the video format, along with a script you need to run on the video file and correct metadata at this link.

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Billy Buntin

Written by Billy Buntin

Billy is a visual effects artist based in Washington, DC and the founder of the production house, BB Digital

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