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    Joel Silberman Believes in Millenials

    Follow TheCruu!by Musician/conductor/producer Joel Silberman tells us why he has a positive view of American millennials, and talks about his work as a media/speech coach with Democracy Partners. Follow Joel on Twitter: @joelsilberman Joel Silberman is one of the American progressive movement’s premiere media and message strategists and trainers. His career began as a New […] More

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    On the greatness of Primer and Shane Carruth

    Follow TheCruu!by PRIMER. The best time-travel movie ever made just for seven-thousand dollars! PRIMER. The best small cast indie film still made on film! PRIMER. Hey if you haven’t seen it maybe you should go watch it. Wait? Wait you say? Why should I go watch this movie? In my opinion Primer managed to invent […] More

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    Conan’s Camera Guy Chews Too Much Gum

    Follow TheCruu!by Gotta love Conan and the people at Team Coco for just having a ton of fun on set. Their routine “Scraps” section shows Conan and crew during rehearsals, disheveled, unpolished and in street clothes. In this “Scraps” segment … Conan feels the need to compete with his cameraman at gum chewing … Poor […] More

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    Double-Blind … A Goat & A Gasmask

    Follow TheCruu!by Double-Blind No.1 is a VFX design project by Zenon Kohler, Jasper St Aubyn West, Ian Anderson, Ricky Marks and Raoul Teague. Their self-imposed brief was to produce a collection of unique shots by experimenting with different styles and creative techniques. With access to all of the raw footage, each artist selected shots they […] More

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    Chaos Cinema

    Follow TheCruu!by The video essay “Chaos Cinema” examines the extreme aesthetic principles of 21st century action films. These films operate on techniques that, while derived from classical cinema, threaten to shatter the established continuity formula. Chaos reigns in image and sound. Part 1 contrasts traditional action films with chaotic ones and takes a close look […] More

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    … Better Than March Madness?

    Follow TheCruu!by In honor of the NCAA Basketball Championships tomorrow night … I’m posting an entertaining Top 10 List from WatchMojo. Top 10 FICTIONAL Sports in Movies and TV. WatchMojo’s List: Quidditch – Harry Potter franchise Pod Racing – Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace Pro-bending – The Legend of Korra BASEketball- BASEketball The […] More

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    Follow TheCruu!by Trending worldwide on Twitter right now … #addbunnytoamovie. Why?  I have no f*cking clue. Don’t act like Twitter is supposed to make sense all of a sudden. Here’s a short list of what I’m seeing out there … @PolitiBunny @AskMen: Fast & Furry-ous. #AddBunnyToAMovie pic.twitter.com/ORoG5u3wnG — Ian Follansbee (@Art0f8Limbs) April 2, 2015 The […] More

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    Things That Make You Tingle: ASMR and the YouTube Community

    Follow TheCruu!by “Whenever I look at someone who is doing something with great passion and commitment.  I feel very relaxed.  I really like to listen to someone who is explaining some problems and showing something very calmly and carefully.  Today I would like to be that kind of person. ” – ASMRsurge explaining his purpose […] More

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    David Jaffe talks DC’s Music Scene & His Film Projects

    Follow TheCruu!by Filmmaker, David Jaffe, talks about his Haiti film project and the DC music experience at The Howard Theater. Follow Jaffe on Twitter: @dijaffe David Jaffe is a filmmaker and writer based in Washington, DC.  David works production at the iconic Howard Theater, he’s part of the film collective “The Lookout”, and often tweets song lyrics. […] More