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    SuicideGirls Respond to Their IG Images Being Sold for $90k

    Follow TheCruu!by We wrote last week about Richard Prince selling other people’s Instagram photography to the tune of $90k and more per “piece”. The sexy alt lifestyle brand SuicideGirls – themselves victims of Prince’s appropriation – responded on Instagram with the image below. View this post on Instagram Everyone has been asking me what I thought about famous […] More

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    Begun the Drone Wars Have

    The Drone Aviary offers a terrifying vision of a future with flying drones run amok. Oh wait, that future is already here. Created by The Superflux Lab, this film gave me acid reflux contemplating all the different ways drones may, and probably will, change society… More

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    TheCruu Review – “The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep And Never Had To”

    Follow TheCruu!by Steve, Krystal and Ian review the comic book proof of concept adaptation for the award winning novel “The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep And Never Had To” Full film: The filmmakers are actively seeking financing for the feature film version. THE BOY WHO COULDN’T SLEEP AND NEVER HAD TO is a coming-of-age sci-fi […] More

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    Your Instagram Pics Are Not Yours.

    Follow TheCruu!by This month, painter and photographer Richard Prince reminded us that what you post is public, and given the flexibility of copyright laws, can be shared — and sold — for anyone to see. As a part of the Frieze Art Fair in New York, Prince displayed giant screenshots of other people’s Instagram photos without warning […] More

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    The Disney Movie About The Virginia Man, Claiming to be an African King

    Follow TheCruu!by A Disney Movie … based on true, modern day events. Jeremiah Heaton, from the state of Virginia promised his daughter that she’d be a princess. To fulfill this promise he took the initiative and flew to disputed land bordering Egypt/Sudan, and “claimed” it by planting a flag. Within months, Heaton was journeying through […] More

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    6 Reasons Modern Movie CGI Looks Surprisingly Crappy

    Follow TheCruu!by Read the full Article HERE on Cracked:<<< includes moving gifs and image examples to complement the writer’s critique. Lack Of Visual Restraint Makes Gravity Act Like A Cartoon Color Grading Makes Everything Look Like A Fantasy CGI Was Originally Used As A Last Resort Most Films Forget That A Camera Needs To Physically […] More

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    TheCruu Review – “RHIÈ- THE NEW SOVEREIGNTY”

    Follow TheCruu!by Fabian, Sarah and Xaivia review this not-so-bad-life in captivity… Rhié Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign Film The full film: The Cruu: Producer/Director: Billy Buntin @BillyBdigital Director of Photography: Kohl Threlkeld @KohlThrelkeld Gaffer: David Jaffe @dijaffe Editor: Billy Buntin The Cast: Fabian Tejada: @sosasabe Sarah Massey: @sarahmassey Xaivia Inniss: @XAIVIA_ Location: The LookoutDC: More

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    David Jaffe Frequently Tweets Random & Weird Stuff

    Follow TheCruu!by Filmmaker, David Jaffe, frequently tweets the most random and weird things.  We made him confront and explain a few of ’em. Follow Jaffe on Twitter: @dijaffe David Jaffe is a filmmaker and writer based in Washington, DC.  David works production at the iconic Howard Theater, he’s part of the film collective “The Lookout”, and often […] More

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    TheCruu Review – Eat My Sh!t

    Follow TheCruu!by We locked three creatives in a room and made them watch a series of web videos & short films … then filmed their reactions. “Eat My Sh!t”.  A short film by Eduardo Cassanova. -Samantha has taken a selfie of her face and posted it on Instagram, but it has been censored and […] More

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    Robert Downey Jr. Goes In On Independent Films.

    Follow TheCruu!by During a radio chat with Entertainment Weekly Radio, Hollywood’s highest paid actor in 2014 ($75million), gave a short rant about why he does not intend to lend his considerable talent to any independent, non-studio film productions.  Robert Downey Jr. had this to say: “Because they’re exhausting and sometimes they suck and then you […] More

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    Jordan Schlansky Generator

    Follow TheCruu!by We already know that Conan shows alot of love to his staff and crew.  Assistants, writers, producers all get an unusual amount of shine and TV airtime on his show. Team Coco upped the crew-loving ante again, giving Associate Producer – and somewhat of a interesting weirdo – Jordan Schlansky, his own webspace. […] More

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