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TheCruu Review – Eat My Sh!t

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We locked three creatives in a room and made them watch a series of web videos & short films … then filmed their reactions.

“Eat My Sh!t”.  A short film by Eduardo Cassanova.
-Samantha has taken a selfie of her face and posted it on Instagram, but it has been censored and deleted for alleged “sexual content”. Samantha did not choose to be born this way. Samantha is sick and tired of people’s laughs.

The full scene:

The Cruu:
Producer/Director: Billy Buntin @BillyBdigital
Director of Photography: Kohl Threlkeld @KohlThrelkeld
Gaffer: David Jaffe @dijaffe
Editor: Billy Buntin

The Cast:
Krystal Tingle: @KrystalTingle
Steve Mercado: @shdwmnstrdesign
Ian Fay: @ianfay

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