A Personal Flying Drone Camera That Follows You … For Selfies & Much More

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Put down that selfie stick, you neanderthal.  The future of personal image and video capture is here.

The Lily is the first of it’s kind; a throw and shoot, flying drone camera.

Complete with GPS tracking bracelet, the Lily takes flight when thrown in the air.  Then the playful-looking little quad-copter will ominously follow and film your every move.  It’s part amazing, part worrisome and reminds me of something from the Jetsons.

I’m showing my age with that reference.

The people behind the Lily don’t want to be compared with drones, probably for both legal and marketing reasons.

“Other products are really just drones that carry a camera. Lily is a camera that happens to be flying.  Lily is 100 percent legal, it always flies below 400 feet and always in the line of sight.” – Antoine Balaresque, CEO of Lily Robotics

Equipped with an accelerometer, barometer, GPS and a front- and a bottom-facing camera, the camera gives users several vantage points with the hopes that it will eventually be able to sense weather as well as terrain. The camera is also completely waterproof.

Tech Specs:

  • Video Resolution: 1080p 60 fps / 720p 120 fps
  • Video FOV: 94º
  • Video Format: H.264 codec, .mp4 file format
  • Photo Resolution: 12 MP
  • Digital gimballing
  • Image stabilization
  • Fixed focus
  • Built-in Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 20 min of flight time
  • Charging via 5A charger
  • 2-hour charge time

The Lily Camera‘s pre-order price is $499, with first deliveries expected in February 2016, after which the price will jump to $999.

At that reasonable price point, what kinds of creative shots and videos can we start to expect from Youtubers and the general public?

Will Lily do for aerial filming what GoPro has done for extreme action?

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Billy Buntin

Written by Billy Buntin

Billy is a visual effects artist based in Washington, DC and the founder of the production house, BB Digital

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