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In this series “What’s in Your Kit”, cinematographer Autumn Durald (Palo Alto, One and Two) shares the gear she can’t live without.


A. Canon EOS 7D / $900

On each feature I have Panavision put a PV mount on my 7D. That way I can take stills on set with the lenses I’m shooting with.

B. UE Boom / $200

Best portable speaker out there. I like to listen to music in my hotel room or wherever my temporary home is.

C. Sunglasses / $250

Always have them on me. A great way to check when the sun decides to break from the clouds.

D. San Francisco Giants Hat

This was my grandfather’s hat. It’s as old as I am.

E. Lavender Oil / $25

Putting this on keeps me relaxed on long flights. It also helps get rid of headaches.

F. Newman’s Own Organics Ginger Mints / $2

My favorite candy. Ginger solves any ailment in my book.

Autumn’s kit list continues … see the full list at

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