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    TheCruu Review – “Double Blind No. 1”

    Follow TheCruu!by Fabian, Sarah and Xaivia review this experimental creative project. Double Blind No. 1: https://vimeo.com/119089169 CREDITS: VFX Designers: Zenon Kohler, Jasper St Aubyn West, Ian Anderson, Ricky Marks and Raoul Teague Additional 3D modelling: Jake Hempson Editor: Kerry Farrell Sound Design: Mike Lange VFX Producer: Flavia Riley Production: Bec Dakin, Jay Topping and Andrew […] More

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    Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement

    Follow TheCruu!by Every Frame A Painting Can movement tell a story? Sure, if you’re as gifted as Akira Kurosawa. More than any other filmmaker, he had an innate understanding of movement and how to capture it onscreen. Join me today in studying the master, possibly the greatest composer of motion in film history. More

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    A Song Sung Trump

    Donald Trump certainly has been making the news lately. And now he has a new campaign song. “President Trump,” written and performed by Mitchell Stone, is a nasally-twanged ode to the glories of Donald Trump. Watching this video, you’re not quite sure if this should be taken seriously or if it’s actually a parody of a crazy Trump-lover. More

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    Jeff Ross Roasts Prisoners … Including Distressing Stats About the US Police State

    Follow TheCruu!by This clip is from a Comedy Central presentation with roasting legend, Jeff Ross. Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live at Brazos County Jail premieres Saturday, June 13, at 11/10c. The idea of “roasting criminals” seems kinda odd, but Comedy Central took the opportunity, in between laughs, to point out some distressing facts about the […] More

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    The #Don’tJudgeMeChallenge … #WTF?

    Follow TheCruu!by Sooooo … what is this #Don’tJudgeMeChallenge? The video above is a short compilation of some of “the best” examples, currently on the internet. This series of individual video memes features people who purposely make themselves look unattractive – by leaving their hair disheveled, filling in a unibrow, painting faux pimples and tarnishing their […] More

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    Screen Tests … A Meditation on Identity.

    Follow TheCruu!by Who said a princess lives in a castle and sip on Prosecco sparkling wine all day and all night? What if she attempts to convince you that she is not self destructive and out of control by doing a little mental cleansing and self reflection about a princess’ real life? Digital online website Nowness produces a video […] More

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    Stunt Impossible

    Follow TheCruu!by Just when you thought Tom Cruise was only a bad ass on the inside of airplanes, this short featurette released by Mission Impossible gives you a new perspective on that epic stunt we’ve all been seeing in the new movie’s trailers. And I felt bad the day I strapped a cameraman to the […] More

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    Warcraft in 360: Is the Video Game Industry Missing Something?

    Follow TheCruu!by Industrial Light & Magic released a 360 degree video on YouTube for their upcoming movie, “WARCRAFT: SKIES OF AZEROTH” and it got me thinking that the video game industry is missing something by not utilizing this 360 degree function for their teaser videos. OK, if you’re not a gamer and/or have no interest in WoW (World […] More

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