Warped View of the Weird Simpsons

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“The Simpsons,” a once-great animated sitcom that is no longer relevant, hasn’t caught my attention in years, but the Weird Simpsons has.

Directed and animated by Yoann Hervo, the Weird Simpsons re-imagines the opening sequence to the regular Simpsons in a style that Salvador Dali might enjoy. After a warbled singing of “The Simpsons,” we’re greeted to a view of Springfield featuring a tire fire and a human face covering the square in front of City Hall.

Zooming in further, we enter the apartment of a fat gamer in his underpants who’s apparently creepily obsessed with Bart Simpson. Zooming in further still, we enter his computer where Bart is poking frantically with a piece of chalk on the chalkboard, which is filled with circular scribbles.

After the alarm bell rings, Bart leaves the room and we zoom back out of the school house, which has palm trees alongside it. Maybe this Springfield is near St. Petersburg, Fla., where the Salvador Dali Museum is located?

Next we’re in the grocery store and Maggie is coming down the conveyor belt behind a cereal box full of Matt Groening. Maggie gets scanned but we don’t see her price, and then her face is ground into the checkout scanner several times. Yoann must really hate this kid. Perhaps he’s a Mr. Burns fan.

Lisa starts blowing on her damn saxophone while sitting in the grocery cart when suddenly we shift to a dozen or so clones of Lisa blowing away on the sax in the music room at her school. I’m with the music teacher here holding his hands over his ears: enough!

Meanwhile, at the nuclear plant, Homer is done for the day and gets ready to leave. Then he suffers the misfortune of having his head squashed into a cube that fills up the inside of his car as he drives down the road. He barfs out Bart, who lands on his head in front of a pet store and then bounces up onto his skateboard.

Bart goes past a gigantic TV set where Krusty the Clown apparently tries to eat him, but he escapes, only to be hit by a car driven by Maggie, who has emerged unscathed from her adventure at the grocery store. Maggie does a decent job speeding on the roads around her neighborhood, including by a giant eggplant by the side of the road. Marge must be impressed, since her mouth makes a noise that sounds something like “Byow! Byow!”

My God! What is a real baby doing in this video!

Lisa returns home on her bicycle with her saxophone before the garage door opens right in her face, crushing her. Bart skateboards on top of and over Homer’s car, and Homer emerges from the trunk. Maggie has somehow gotten her car airborne, so Homer opens his mouth wide in fear and begins to yell as it’s about to hit him.

We then travel into his mouth and through the back of his throat into a door that brings us into their living room. But no Simpsons appear and nothing else interesting happens. Are they dead now?

Be sure to stick around for the credits to find out why this video got made in the first place and see Yoann’s version of the 20th Century Fox logo.

The Crabby Cruu View

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