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Michael Moore’s “Where To Invade Next” Gets an R Rating by the MPAA

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Originally published on Alternet

Next month, Michael Moore’s new documentary Where To Invade Next, which seeks to contrast the U.S. social policy approach with that of other countries, will have a limited release, followed by a wider release in January.

The Motion Picture Association of America has given it an R rating, something that would make it difficult for minors to watch the film without adult supervision. In an interview with Variety, Moore explained the circumstances that led to the rating:

Moore listed the parts of the film that prompted the MPAA’s ruling. The violence in the picture includes footage of law enforcement officers beating Eric Garner, a Staten Island man whose death last year helped spark a wider debate about police brutality.

The drug use is related to a section in the film on Portugal’s decision to decriminalize narcotics — a move that some suggest has led to a reduction in substance abuse.

The language stems from the use of “f–k” by Icelandic citizens protesting the 2009 collapse of their banks. And the nudity is a fleeting image of a naked man. That’s from a vignette that shows how some Europeans are able to enjoy three weeks at a spa to treat stress thanks to government-backed healthcare.

Despite this, Moore said he will not edit the film one bit, and has appealed to have the rating lowered to a PG-13.

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