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    Reclaiming Rewards From Rip-Offs: How to Live with Piracy

    Follow TheCruu!by Moviemaker As soon as a moviemaker fortunate enough to score a release is finished with the high fives, one of the first things he or she will notice is the film’s “unofficial” presence online. A somewhat frantic Google search will inevitably yield a number of sites advertising its current or upcoming availability for streaming or […] More

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    The New Revolution – Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

    Follow TheCruu!by In spring 2016, Six Flags over Texas will transform the Shock Wave coaster with an virtual-reality experience during the ride. Riders can opt to wear a VR headset during the ride with a 3D experience that’s perfectly synced to Shock Wave’s motion. More

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    A Sketch Artist, That’s Really a Drone …

    Follow TheCruu!by From chisels to paintbrushes, pens, and pixel pushing … tools and technology have always been used by humans for the creation of art. We use inanimate tools, which typically bend to the will of the artist … but a project by students at the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group ponders what happens when a machine […] More

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    Netflix outbids Film Studios – $90 million movie deal for ‘Bright’, starring Will Smith

    Follow TheCruu!by Digital Trends Earlier this month, it was reported that Suicide Squad director David Ayer would reunite with leading man Will Smith for the upcoming fantasy cop drama Bright, based on a script penned by Chronicle and American Ultra screenwriter Max Landis. That project just got a lot more exciting, though, with the announcement […] More

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    Why Props Matter

    Follow TheCruu!by Written, edited, & narrated by Rishi Kaneria. A look at the hidden power of film props. And how filmmakers use the everyday (and not so everyday) objects in their scenes to enhance cinematic storytelling.   More

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    Star Trek Beyond’s Director Drops Crazy 360-Degree Film

    Follow TheCruu!by Soooooo … if you’re viewing this on your phone – AND YOU MUST — USE THE YOUTUBE APP – you’ll be able to turn your phone left, right, up and down …. 360 degrees to see different parts of this sci-fi action thriller. It’s insane, and possibly the future of film. To view […] More

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    Follow TheCruu!by The Creators Project The Creators Project travels to Kabul to meet young feminist graffiti artist Shamsia Hassani, whose work challenges preconceptions about the role of women in Afghani society, and expresses a unique perspective on life in a country recovering from decades of war. We chat with her about identifying and working as an artist in Afghanistan, why condemning […] More

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    This Vincent Van Gogh movie is Amazing.

    Follow TheCruu!by “Loving Vincent” took over 100 artists to complete every hand painted frame. … each frame is an oil painting … at TWELVE individual oil paintings per second, that’s 720 paintings in just ONE minute! More

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