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A Sketch Artist, That’s Really a Drone …

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From chisels to paintbrushes, pens, and pixel pushing … tools and technology have always been used by humans for the creation of art.

We use inanimate tools, which typically bend to the will of the artist … but a project by students at the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group ponders what happens when a machine has a voice in the artistic process.

What about a flying drone, a phantograph.

As a human draws with a pen, a camera captures the motion and a computer communicates it to the drone, which mimics what the pen is drawing.

The resulting art isn’t always perfect … and the students seem to embrace the difference between user intention and drone’s creation as an added aesthetic.

“From an art perspective, we found this very fascinating,” says research team member  Sang Leigh. “In this we found room for machine creativity seeping into the artistic act of a human,”

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