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A Whole Brew World: A Beer Documentary

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The feature-length documentary, called A Whole Brew World, is by Good Enough Films. Made up of young creatives, the St. Petersburg-based independent video production group has been filming together since March 2013. They refer to their latest project, focused on the boom that the region’s beer scene has experienced in recent years, as something they’re very passionate about.

The film aims to answer questions about the local brewing community (home brewers included), craft beer market and more by talking to brewers, aspiring beer-makers and, of course, the residents who drink the stuff.

Good Enough Films will release updates in the form of promotional YouTube videos during the filmmaking process, but after the documentary’s finished, sky’s the limit. The group hopes to screen the project around the area and make their way to larger film festivals. Netflix or Amazon? It’s definitely in their plans.

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