Saturday Night Live Will Replace Commercials With Sponsored Sketches, During Show

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Here’s what we know.

Starting next season, Saturday Night Live will feature 30% less commercials. Nice!

As reported in AdAge

“(SNL will be) removing two commercial breaks per episode, giving viewers more content, said Linda Yaccarino, chairman-advertising sales and client partnerships, NBC Universal.

And for advertisers, NBC will also be offering a limited opportunity to partner with SNL to create original branded content. These native pods will only occur six times a year, Ms. Yaccarino said.”

Wait … this seems somehow, less nice.

SNL’s sponsored sketches (either live or filmed) will be original SNL comedy sketches serving as some form of advertisement for whatever company decides to partner with SNL.

Think Jay Pharoah, doing his incredible Denzel Washington/ Jay-z impersonations, with prominently placed Pepsi cans around the set, drinking Pepsi, wearing a Pepsi jacket and pausing occasionally to remind us just how delicious Pepsi tastes.

Or maybe we can hope for SNLs writers to really do something groundbreaking and subversive with these partnerships? … yeah probably not. Let’s see how this goes.

In the meantime, enjoy this classic SNL clip.


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