This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad

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Created entirely with stock footage from Dissolve, This Is a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad reunites the team behind This Is a Generic Brand Video.

As the 2016 presidential election cycle has progressed, dozens of candidates have released their campaign ads. And though there are a few differences from the left wing to the right, they have a lot in common. In fact, these predictable, formulaic approaches to video editing have drawn comparisons to our own all-purpose corporate promo, This Is a Generic Brand Video, written by Kendra

We didn’t think it fair that media commentators had to reference our corporate video — why not give them an actual generic campaign ad? So we asked Kendra to provide her wry, absurdist take on presidential promotion. The result is a blatantly pandering, verbally vacuous piece of political parody.

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Voiceover by Bobby Butler.
Music: “Gateway (instrumental)” by Sleevenotes,, and “Storm Brewing” by Mark Petrie, both licensed from Audiosocket.

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