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Drone Racing – The New Sport of Champions

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You may or may not have heard about drone racing …

Think NASCAR, with little flying drones zipping up, down and around a track fitted with barriers, traps and checkpoints … requiring very tight flying.

Drone Racers are trained, skilled and the sport is growing!

But there is plenty of turbulence ahead. Similarly promising quasi leagues have failed before. Take professional paintball, which seemed like a surefire winner at its peak in 2005. A sport in which combatants shoot at one another across an obstacle-strewn field promised a built-in audience of gun enthusiasts and video gamers.

Paintball thrived for several years, airing its own show on ESPN3 and drawing sponsors like Budweiser, Monster energy drinks and the United States Army. Then manufacturers of paintball equipment consolidated and cut back on ad spending. Interest in the sport dwindled, and its main league folded in 2014.

Further complicating things, multiple drone-racing leagues are vying for attention. Horbaczewski’s major competition is the International Drone Racing Association, which announced last month that it would have a special on ESPN3 in the fall. There are a handful of other big leagues around the world, and grass-roots races pop up constantly.

See a race from the First Person View:

See more about Drone Racing and the Drone Racing League in their promo video below:

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