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    How To Tell A Great Story

    Follow TheCruu!by In this 7 minute video, Chris Do and the Skool Network share 5 tips on how to tell a great story. How can you make your Vlogs more interesting by understanding storytelling fundamentals? These stoyrtelling tips can be used as part of a broader video/film production … or just for simple blogs, animation […] More

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    Disney’s, ‘The Rocketeer’ Reboot Coming Soon, With Black Female Lead

    Follow TheCruu!by The classic 1991 action film “The Rocketeer” is getting a reboot, people. The project is titled “The Rocketeers”, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and the sequel-reboot is slated to be written by Max Winkler and Matt Spicer .   The Rocketeers will include a modern-day twist from the original and a black female lead character. […] More