Actors We Sadly Lost In 2016

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2016 has been a long, brutal year for celebrities. In addition to the loss of renowned musicians such as David Bowie and Prince, many screen stars have also passed away this year, from cherished character actors to major movie stars. Here’s a look back at the actors and actresses we lost in 2016…

Alan Rickman | 0:18
Gene Wilder | 0:52
Anton Yelchin | 1:34
Peter Vaughan | 1:55
Garry Shandling | 2:16
Alan Thicke | 2:42
Patty Duke | 2:59
Garry Marshall | 3:30
Kenny Baker | 3:47
Jon Polito | 4:09
Alexis Arquette | 4:27
Robert Vaughn | 4:42
Ron Glass | 5:03
Alice Drummond | 5:21
Margaret Whitton | 5:42
Zsa Zsa Gabor | 6:00

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