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Space Jam’s ‘Monstars’ Are Back!

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A direct sequel to 1996’s Space Jam?
Let’s see …
Monstars? Yes.
Bugs Bunny being a jerk? Yes.
Intense product placement? Yes, and yes.

This is just a commercial for Footlocker, but if you remember that “old” live action/animated movie – and loved it like I did – this commercial brings you to a happy place.
We’re just gonna swap the iconic Michael Jordan, for the extremely talented Blake Griffin – plus cameo from Jimmy Butler.
Not much basketball is played here, but hey … we do see a cool, animated dystopian future with the ballers we love to hate running things, then being challenged by our heroes.
H-O-R-S-E anyone?

Blatant capitalist motives aside, we’re happy to see this short remake of the late 90’s classic.

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