#StayWoke: Meet the Radical Girl Troop Standing for Justice, Not Selling Cookies

Follow TheCruu!by On the surface, the small troop of girls chanting “black lives matter” and “we love social justice in a major way” through the streets of Oakland look like your typical girl scouts: they sport berets, vests adorned in badges and embody girl power in an adorably cute way. But they are much …


The Power of the C-A-R-D-I 

Follow TheCruu!by The more you underestimate Cardi B, the more wildly successful she becomes. Need proof? This summer Cardi B’s poppin’ anthem “Bodak Yellow” skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, knocking Taylor Swift from her reign in the quintessential middle finger to the establishment moment. While critics dismissed her …