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The Power of the C-A-R-D-I 

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The more you underestimate Cardi B, the more wildly successful she becomes.

Need proof?

This summer Cardi B’s poppin’ anthem “Bodak Yellow” skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts, knocking Taylor Swift from her reign in the quintessential middle finger to the establishment moment.

While critics dismissed her as a “poor man’s Nicki Minaj” and came up with every excuse as to why her smash hit went No. 1 —making her the first female hip hop artist to top the charts solo since Lauryn Hill did so 19 years ago — Cardi B flexed even harder. Less than two months later, she made history again with three chart-topping hits.

Her meteoric rise might seem like a stroke of good luck for a  “regular degular shmegular” girl from the Bronx, but it’s not.

In just two years, she’s skillfully engineered her way to fame on her own terms, going from the most entertaining breakout star on Love & Hip Hop New York to a “national treasure” gracing the covers of the New Yorker and Rolling Stone.

And with a shoe collaboration with Steve Madden likely in the works, at this point, she might add shoe designer to her $4 million empire before she drops her first album.

I’m here for it.

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Rachel Huggins

Written by Rachel Huggins

Rachel Huggins is a creative content creator who hails from California (Oakland, to be exact) and lives in D.C. Her work has appeared in EBONY Magazine, USA TODAY, VOX, The Hill and more.

She Shazam's everything, loves fun things like social justice and firmly believes that "March Madness" is the new national anthem.

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