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    Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 31 Actors Playing Real People

    Follow TheCruu!by WIRED Dialect coach Erik Singer takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. To best break down this concept, Erik analyzes some actors playing real people. Just how close was Jamie Foxx’s Ray Charles? What about Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Bob Dylan? Is Daniel Day-Lewis’ Lincoln accurate? More

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    What You Don’t See …

    Follow TheCruu!by Nerdwriter1 How do popular Youtubers and content creators build their brands and produce the regular content, we love? It’s effort, personal challenges, consistency, and the little things that you don’t see. More

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    Kanye is NOT More Relevant Than Shakespeare

    Follow TheCruu!by Two teams of four debate at the Oxford Union in England … Who is more relevant today, Shakespeare or Kanye West? Full debate playlist can be found, above. To see the individual statements from each debater … click here. More

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    What if Redbone …

    Follow TheCruu!by Redbone, off of Childish Gambino’s third studio album “Awaken, My Love!”. The smash hit has an unmistakable sound, reminiscent of 70s funk. But the ever-weird and all powerful internet has decided to ask the big question: “What if we just put an assortment of sounds or songs over top of the instrumental for […] More

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    ‘New Mutants’: First Superhero Horror Film!

    Follow TheCruu!by Entertainment Weekly Fox studio is pushing to expand their X-Men franchise, with Josh Boone’s New Mutants. The film will deal with a group of teenagers coming to terms with their mutant abilities, and it’s expected to hit theaters in April 2018. Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Director Josh Boone is giving us some info on […] More

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    How Terrorists Slip Beheading Videos Past YouTube’s Censors

    Follow TheCruu!by Motherboard In reality, reports of extremist content littering YouTube aren’t new. But when hundreds of major advertisers began suspending contracts with YouTube and Google in recent months, boycotting the massive video-sharing platform over concerns with such explicit content, things got a lot more real. Google services—namely YouTube—are the most plentiful and important links […] More

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