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    Begun the Drone Wars Have

    The Drone Aviary offers a terrifying vision of a future with flying drones run amok. Oh wait, that future is already here. Created by The Superflux Lab, this film gave me acid reflux contemplating all the different ways drones may, and probably will, change society… More

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    Warning: This Film May Give You Seizures

    Follow TheCruu!by The Brain Hack involves many murky things happening murkily. And what do these murky things involve? Oh, nothing more than whether or not a couple of college students have discovered God or the Devil or just a new way to cause seizures. The film, written and directed by Joseph White, revolves around the characters […] More

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    George Lucas Wants His Jawa Back

    The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To is the story of a teenage insomniac who has visions of terrifying creatures that come to life. And what are some of those terrifying creatures? Jawas. More