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    Cuts & Transitions 101

    Follow TheCruu!by Director/Editor Joey Scoma is here to talk to you about something simple: cuts and transitions. In this video essay, Joey lists and defines the different cuts and transitions available to you as an editor, with examples from classic and modern films. It’s up to you to decide when and why you’d use them! More

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    After Effects and Cinema4D

    Follow TheCruu!by Even a seasoned After Effects user might not be taking full advantage of the amazing features in this application. Particularly the new 3D possibilities with Cineware & Cinema4D. This easy to follow tutorial can help. More

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    Motion Tracking The Impossible

    Follow TheCruu!by If you’re a visual effects artist on any level, you probably know about Andrew Kramer; owner of the popular Video Copilot website, talented artist, and personality. Andrew talks through some recent examples of After Effects and motion tracking including City Destruction! This stuff is insane, and mastery of complex tracking techniques means you’ll […] More

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    How To Make It Rain

    Follow TheCruu!by The Lookout DC by Andy DelGiudice What do you do when a client asks you to make it rain? You can either run to the bank or make a deal or two (straight cash!) or, if you’re Ryder Haske of Peoples Television, you call up your cohorts at The Lookout to build a bespoke […] More

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    Akira Kurosawa – Composing Movement

    Follow TheCruu!by Every Frame A Painting Can movement tell a story? Sure, if you’re as gifted as Akira Kurosawa. More than any other filmmaker, he had an innate understanding of movement and how to capture it onscreen. Join me today in studying the master, possibly the greatest composer of motion in film history. More

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    Creativity. Inspiration.

    Follow TheCruu!by Creativity. We hear the word frequently enough that it’s a standard part of our language. Not only do we admire it when a person has it, but it’s a vital part to the digital film and video industries. You still might have one question in mind: what does it really mean? The Merriam-Webster’s […] More

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    AJA Drops Price of 4K CION Camera Significantly

    Follow TheCruu!by written by Michael Murie.  Originally published on Filmmaker Magazine. AJA has slashed the price of their 4K CION camera in half to $4995. It’s part of their “Summer of Savings” promotion, which they say will run through the end of the summer. Other price reductions announced: Ki Pro Quad (their 4K recorder) is now […] More

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    The Power of Storytelling – “Resonate” Event on July 22nd

    Follow TheCruu!by Resonate builds the capacity of groups focused on women’s skill building and education. Customized Storytelling for Leadership training is central to their work.  Harnessing the power of storytelling allows women and girls to leverage their knowledge and skills to create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. Resonate founder Ayla […] More

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    Time Management for Creative Types

    Follow TheCruu!by by Katie Morton originally published on HuffingtonPost Time management sounds like such a dry topic, but it’s really about letting some things go so that you can do what you love. These two strategies won’t work for everyone, and it’s of critical importance to discern which strategy works best for you. Strategy 1: Creative Mayhem […] More

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    5 Tips for Making a Killer Reel.

    Follow TheCruu!by Story&Heart Check out this amazing Reel and story from Camp 4 Collective (above). Then see the 5 tips, below. Don’t just use your reel to show what you can do. Use it to show what you want to do. Treat your reel like its own project. A killer reel is more than just killer visuals. Using celebrities—or […] More

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