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    Film Theory: How to KILL Marvel’s Luke Cage

    Follow TheCruu!by The Film Theorists The folks at Film Theorists analyze the root of Luke Cage’s impenetrable skin … in order to find a weakness, and kill him. _______ If LUKE CAGE has impenetrable skin, and He Does, then there’s no realistic way to kill him. OR IS THERE?! Other villains might come up with […] More

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    Elon Musk Animation Shows The Future of Travel and Tunnels

    Follow TheCruu!by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk gave the first glimpse into how he envisions tackling the problem of stifling traffic, & overpopulated in major cities like Los Angeles. Multi-layer tunnels, deep underground. How do you get the cars down there?  An elevator,taking the space of just two parking spaces, set up throughout the city […] More

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    Two Pixels To The Left … Hovering Art Director

    Follow TheCruu!by Adobe is advertising their native database of stock images and footage, through “Adobe Stock”, by running a series of ads we can all relate to. The hovering, smug, art director … complete with confusing instructions, obsession over minutia, and impossible deadlines. The video made us laugh, and left us triggered.  Enjoy. More

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    The Cinematography of Kendrick Lamar HUMBLE | DP Scott Cunningham

    Follow TheCruu!by Cinematography Database Kendrick Lamar HUMBLE – The music video for Kendrick Lamar HUMBLE was directed by Dave Meyers and shot by DP Scott Cunningham. Cinematography Database interviewed Scott the day the video came out and this video is a presentation of that information. Scott Cunningham – Gear Mentioned: Sony A7S2 – […] More

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    GET OUT: Racism Is Horrifying

    Follow TheCruu!by Socialist Worker WHY DON’T more horror movies deal with racism? Race, of course, is always lurking underneath the surface, especially from a white protagonist’s perspective. In many horror films, the monster is some unconscious manifestation of racial anxiety or white guilt, like the prosperous, Reagan-voting family in Poltergeist, haunted by the vengeful spirits of […] More

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    Top 10 Movie Tropes That Are Way Overused

    Follow TheCruu!by WatchMojo Ideas and tropes from movies that have been overused again and again to the point of exhaustion. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 overused movie tropes that we wish would just go away. 00:41 #10. Gangs / Mafia / Organized Crime 01:38 #9. Talking Animals 02:28 #8. Sword & Sandal Movies 03:23 #7. […] More

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    James Corden Crushes Rihanna “Diamonds” Spoof

    Follow TheCruu!by James Corden celebrated reaching a YouTube landmark by producing this parody of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Youtube awarded the “Late Late Show” host its prestigious Diamond Play Button, for his channel achieving a coveted 10 million subscribers.  Enjoy the video above … and then compare it to the original from Rihanna, below. More

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    Top 10 Best Celebrity Voice Actor Performances

    Follow TheCruu!by Voice acting is a skill that’s pretty tough because you have to give a great performance using only your vocals. These big name celebs, like Johnny Depp and Jack Black, were up to the challenge. WatchMojo takes a look at the actors behind the voices of some of your favorite animated characters. List […] More

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