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    Revolutionary Plan for Day-and-Date Movies at Home

    Follow TheCruu!by Variety A startup backed by Sean Parker of Facebook and Napster fame is trying to encourage Hollywood studios and exhibitors to wade into the controversial waters of at home releases of new movies.  Called the Screening Room, the company offers secure anti-piracy technology that will offer new releases in the home on the same day they hit theaters, […] More

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    Kanye West – The Life of Pablo Album Review

    Follow TheCruu!by NeedleDrop Anthony Fantano gave this album a 6/10.  Do you agree? Kanye West tries to sell a lack of cohesion and half-baked song ideas as concepts on his new album. FAV TRACKS: REAL FRIENDS, NO MORE PARTIES IN L.A., ULTRALIGHT BEAM, FEEDBACK, FML, FAMOUS LEAST FAV TRACK: FADE KANYE WEST – THE LIFE OF […] More

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    Michael Moore’s “Where To Invade Next” Gets an R Rating by the MPAA

    Follow TheCruu!by Originally published on Alternet Next month, Michael Moore’s new documentary Where To Invade Next, which seeks to contrast the U.S. social policy approach with that of other countries, will have a limited release, followed by a wider release in January. The Motion Picture Association of America has given it an R rating, something that […] More

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    ‘The Perfect Guy’ and the drawbacks of colorblind moviemaking

    Follow TheCruu!by Originally published in The Washington Post, by Stacia L. Brown Last weekend, Screen Gems’ suspense-thriller “The Perfect Guy” won the box office with a gross of nearly $26 million. It was the fifth consecutive weekend that a film starring black actors took the No. 1 slot. (Hip-hop biopic “Straight Outta Compton” and Christian-themed drama “War […] More

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    Cable TV, Flirting with Virtual Reality

    Follow TheCruu!by Cable companies may be feeling the heat from consumers cutting the cord and switching to streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu … but these guys won’t go down without a fight. What do they think is the next big thing in cable to turn viewers away from their laptops? CableLabs,  the non-profit research […] More

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    Bringing ‘The Prophet,’ a book of poems, to the big screen

    Follow TheCruu!by Originally published in Boston Globe by Ethan Gilsdorf Novels are adapted into films all the time. Same with short stories, plays, and memoirs. Even cocktail-napkin scribbles find a second life on the screen. But poetry? Not so much. Unless you’re cribbing from a heroic epic like “Beowulf,” or a nonsensical tongue-twister from Dr. […] More

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    A Song Sung Trump

    Donald Trump certainly has been making the news lately. And now he has a new campaign song. “President Trump,” written and performed by Mitchell Stone, is a nasally-twanged ode to the glories of Donald Trump. Watching this video, you’re not quite sure if this should be taken seriously or if it’s actually a parody of a crazy Trump-lover. More

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    The #Don’tJudgeMeChallenge … #WTF?

    Follow TheCruu!by Sooooo … what is this #Don’tJudgeMeChallenge? The video above is a short compilation of some of “the best” examples, currently on the internet. This series of individual video memes features people who purposely make themselves look unattractive – by leaving their hair disheveled, filling in a unibrow, painting faux pimples and tarnishing their […] More

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