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    Is Adobe’s Project VoCo the Photoshop for Audio?

    Follow TheCruu!by No Film School Adobe Project VoCo replicates voices to add dialogue you forgot to record. Add text to a recording in exactly the same voice by simply selecting a clip of speech, opening up an edit box, and typing in new text. Over the past week, Adobe has shown off a slew of […] More

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    After Effects and Cinema4D

    Follow TheCruu!by Even a seasoned After Effects user might not be taking full advantage of the amazing features in this application. Particularly the new 3D possibilities with Cineware & Cinema4D. This easy to follow tutorial can help. More

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    Motion Tracking The Impossible

    Follow TheCruu!by If you’re a visual effects artist on any level, you probably know about Andrew Kramer; owner of the popular Video Copilot website, talented artist, and personality. Andrew talks through some recent examples of After Effects and motion tracking including City Destruction! This stuff is insane, and mastery of complex tracking techniques means you’ll […] More