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    A Sketch Artist, That’s Really a Drone …

    Follow TheCruu!by From chisels to paintbrushes, pens, and pixel pushing … tools and technology have always been used by humans for the creation of art. We use inanimate tools, which typically bend to the will of the artist … but a project by students at the MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces Group ponders what happens when a machine […] More

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    Projection Mapping Makes Classical Sculptures Come To Life

    Follow TheCruu!by France’s Lyon Museum of Fine Arts asked artist Arnaud Pottier to bring sculptures, including Laurent Honore Marqueste’s Perseus Slaying Medusa, James Pradier’sOdalisque, and Barrias’ Les Premières Funérailles, to life. He used projection mapping to turn the classic statues into a seemingly live, animated display.  Blinking eyes, tears, twitching musculature and even more.   More