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Vennu Mallesh – It’s My Life What Ever I Wanna Do

Follow TheCruu!by Vennu Mallesh is an internet sensation with more than 10 million views on his hit song and music video “It’s My life What Ever I Wanna Do”.


Eric Andre Can’t Deal with Nardwuar’s Armpits

Follow TheCruu!by Nardwuar the Human Serviette caught up with everybody’s favorite over-the-top funny man, Eric Andre, for a short but pungent interview. They covered a lot of ground and both personalities delivered as you’d expect.  We laughed. Nardwuar caught Eric off-guard with a bevy of well researched questions; and Eric received …


Veep Writer, Alexis Wilkinson. “She Does” It All.

Follow TheCruu!by Alexis Wilkinson is the first black woman President of Harvard’s “The Lampoon”, it’s acclaimed humor publication.  She’s now writing for HBO’s hit comedy series, Veep. Alexis’ writing can be found in Slate, Opening Ceremony and TIME. These great accomplishments are the product of hard work, and an interesting personal story. …


The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Inks a New TV Deal with HBO

Follow TheCruu!by Hopefully by now you’ve gotten over your deep sadness for Jon Stewart’s retirement from The Daily Show. You’ve learned to love Trevor Noah’s style & approach to the rebranded “TDS” … and you’re genuinely content, knowing that so many other comedic careers have been launched, carrying the torch of …


Webseries “Sugarboy” … More Fun Than Whatever You’re Doing Right Now.

Follow TheCruu!by Have you ever been pulled into an amazing story, told by an excited, imaginative little kid? It can be pretty cute and entertaining. The web-series, Sugarboy, shows one super-hype kid’s rambling, stories … told from his bedroom. Creative, quick-moving jokes … really well-executed. Dan Opsal writes and directs …