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    How 6ix Shoota Got His Name …

    Follow TheCruu!by In this video interview with The Cruu, Director 6ix Shoota tells us how he, and his crew “Cool Kids Forever Films” got their names. Follow 6ix on Twitter: @6ixShoota on Instagram: @6ixShoota The Washington, D.C.-based video collective got its start shooting verisimilar yet uplifting music videos for co-founder and D.C. stalwart Tabi Bonney. […] More

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    Is Your Creative Director a Douchebag?

    Follow TheCruu!by Is your Creative Director a douchebag? You’re gonna want to present something stronger than just mere personal opinion … Why not prove it, by taking this ingenious little quiz, at Variables range from “age” to “previous job title” to “accessories” to where they store their awards … and after all inputs have […] More