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    Labor and Visual Effects

    Follow TheCruu!by   Q1: What do the Teamsters and SEIU have in common with the Academy Award winning film “Life of Pi”? Q2: Why did the the 2013 Oscar Awards include an under reported protest, happening just a few blocks away? A: Labor While much of the country watched the over-hyped Oscars or Academy Awards on February […] More

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    Corporate Welfare For Hollywood?

    Follow TheCruu!by A short animated primer to explain the problems created by government subsidies for Visual Effects. Just ONE of the many harmful factors, squeezing VFX companies and workers, causing layoffs and pushing VFX work to India, China and Canada. ADAPT is the Association of Digital Artists, Professionals & Technicians RoleNameContact ScriptDaniel Khin Lay […] More

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    PDI/DreamWorks Studio to Shutdown – 500 Jobs Eliminated

    Follow TheCruu!by DreamWorks Animation just announced in a written statement that it will eliminate approximately 500 jobs. Many of those layoffs will come from the unexpected shutdown of one of its main studios, PDI DreamWorks, in Redwood City, California. The closing of that studio will begin immediately. The studio is offering some laid off employees […] More