How Terrorists Slip Beheading Videos Past YouTube’s Censors

Follow TheCruu!by Motherboard In reality, reports of extremist content littering YouTube aren’t new. But when hundreds of major advertisers began suspending contracts with YouTube and Google in recent months, boycotting the massive video-sharing platform over concerns with such explicit content, things got a lot more real. Google services—namely YouTube—are the …


The Two Kids Who Remade Indiana Jones Shot for Shot, Are All Grown Up Now.

Follow TheCruu!by Eric Zala and Chris Strompolos, two best friends who, as young kids, decided to make their own Raiders of the Lost Ark adaptation, reenacting each scene of the film shot by shot. You know … the Steven Spielberg-Lucas blockbuster that had a $26 million production budget, yeah that …


100 Naked Women, The Power Of A Strong Nude (NSFW)

Follow TheCruu!by London-based artist Nadia Lee Cohen, knows the power of a good nude, and she’s sharing that power with you. Titled “100 Naked Women”, Cohen uses a beautiful aesthetic to capture the viewer’s attention. There’s a glossy, colorful, old film and grungy feel to these pictures, and her models, are …