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    This Vincent Van Gogh movie is Amazing.

    Follow TheCruu!by “Loving Vincent” took over 100 artists to complete every hand painted frame. … each frame is an oil painting … at TWELVE individual oil paintings per second, that’s 720 paintings in just ONE minute! More

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    5 Tips for Making a Killer Reel.

    Follow TheCruu!by Story&Heart Check out this amazing Reel and story from Camp 4 Collective (above). Then see the 5 tips, below. Don’t just use your reel to show what you can do. Use it to show what you want to do. Treat your reel like its own project. A killer reel is more than just killer visuals. Using celebrities—or […] More

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    Projection Mapping Makes Classical Sculptures Come To Life

    Follow TheCruu!by France’s Lyon Museum of Fine Arts asked artist Arnaud Pottier to bring sculptures, including Laurent Honore Marqueste’s Perseus Slaying Medusa, James Pradier’sOdalisque, and Barrias’ Les Premières Funérailles, to life. He used projection mapping to turn the classic statues into a seemingly live, animated display.  Blinking eyes, tears, twitching musculature and even more.   More

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    Every Frame A Painting

    Follow TheCruu!by Every Frame a Painting is an online series of video essays about film. Filmmaker, Tony Zhou, creates a visual essay and releases them periodically on a particular topic, or philosophy of the filmmaking art. Tony is pretty candid about his reasons, goals and challenges in producing these essays. A full time, freelance editor […] More